Benvenuti Amici (Welcome Friends)

That’s always been the spirit of the moment in the Ciotti family. Whether you've stopped by to say hi, or as my brother says, come "to pull a cork and spill some wine" we're always happy to see you. 

Ciotti Cellars is a small production winery located in Placer County. Small production means we focus on making small lots of ultra-premium wines for your enjoyment. Because of this limited production we’re able to pay extra attention to details creating wines rich in aromas, deep in color and character with velvety finishes.

Using only the finest grapes grown in the Placer County / Napa Valley regions we've been able to create a little sunshine in a bottle.

After all,
" Isn’t wine just sunshine held together by water ? "
~ Galileo Gallilei

We’d like to think so.

So come on in. We invite you to explore our web site, read about our wines and share the passion. We welcome you into the Ciotti Cellars family.